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Even though I have just started this blog and it doesn’t have an audience yet, I would like to open it up as a platform for new writers to show off some of their speculative fiction short stories.  Who knows, maybe a few exciting guest stories will help start a community here.  Here are the rules for submissions:

  • All entries must be sent as attachments to  Feel free to include a note about your story or yourself in the body of the E-mail as long as it’s brief.  (Please include the name you wish the story to be published under)
  • Your story must be in a Microsoft Word format.
  • The story cannot be shorter than 3,000 words or longer than 20,000.
  • Though elements from other genres (like horror, humor, mystery, and romance) are welcome, all stories must be either science fiction or fantasy.
  • No poetry (If you actually manage to write an Epic Poem I would reconsider).
  • No fan fiction.  You must own the rights to your work.
  • Stories may be rejected for excessive sexual content or violence.  Shoot for PG or PG-13.  I will consider material worthy of an R if it’s handled extremely well.
  • Stories must be complete and not part of a larger work.
  • Please make sure your story is edited and mostly free of spelling errors.
  • You will retain all rights to any story posted here and are free to post it elsewhere.  I will also remove any posted story if the author requests it.
  • You may submit as many stories as you like as often as you like.  There is no entry fee.
  • Try to be creative and have fun.  I like innovation.

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