Steven Universe Recap: Story for Steven

So I’ve decided to start doing recaps for Steven Universe because it’s the only show on television that I think is worth following right now.  I love everything from its progressive, inclusive, and clever stories to its soft color palette and character design.  (I will never like Steven’s/Rose’s/Greg’s nose though.  It’s not a nose; it is a toaster.  When they sneeze, toast comes out.  When they get a cold butter will run from each slit.  Seriously.)  Needless to say, there are spoilers ahead.

So this episode we finally get some background on Greg and Rose’s relationship that doesn’t come from a VHS.  The first thing to note is that, at one point in time, Greg actually did ROCK.  His music god powers just seemed to thin with his hair.  We’re given this week’s episode mostly as a flashback with Greg acting as a probably slightly unreliable narrator.  I say unreliable because I doubt his jerk of a manager actually had the dentition of a sand tiger shark.

After he performs a show to an audience of one (though Rose’s size and alien origin probably makes her the equivalent of at least three human groupies), he chases his new fan over the fence separating the gem temple from Beach City and gets to meet the other gems.  Here we get some great funny dialogue that reveals how Greg is probably the first human the majority of the gems actually had a significant connection with.  Garnet wants to throw him back over the fence.  When he asks what time it is, Pearl answers ‘night time’ in a very unsure way, indicating that to the immortal gems the twenty-four hours in a human day are all but meaningless.  We even have Pearl insisting ‘I can sing’ after it becomes clear that Rose thinks Greg is cute.  Anyone with a brain is aware that Pearl has it bad for Rose and her love for Steven, even though it has grown to encompass who he is, was initially based on, essentially, some belly button bling.

Amethyst acts a little more like a child/puppy than usual which makes me curious about the actual date of her creation or if it took having a human friend to ‘domesticate’ her some.  It was also fun to see their slightly modified disguises that suited the era, like Pearl’s leggings.

Even Greg’s insufferable manager Marty gets  a little characterization with the way he manipulates Greg.  He calls him ‘Starchild’ which I’m assuming Greg appreciates both as a reference to the theme of his work/potential for fame and as a reference to the big bang of the human mind shown in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

All around it’s  a great background episode that doesn’t need any action to keep it moving.  It’s good to see things getting back into motion after the waste of time that was last week’s crossover episode.  (Why couldn’t that have taken up an Uncle Grandpa slot instead of a Steven Universe slot? Steven Universe is BUSY building epic lore.  Uncle Grandpa just stands around flailing his stretchy arms and growing new heads like some kind of rampant clonal vegetable.)

(Small edit: I just noticed that Marty’s female friend was named ‘Vidalia’, which is a type of onion.  Given her hair color and complexion I don’t doubt that she is a relative, possibly the biological mother, of the enigmatic child Onion.)

(Two more edits: My wife noticed Pearl is lacking the star on her chest, further demonstrating it is an homage to Rose.  It’s also worth noting the temple doesn’t have a house in front of it, so they probably built it just so Steven could have a semi-normal home.)

If you like this recap, please consider following the blog.  I’ll try to do one every episode as soon as I can.


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