The ‘Batman V Superman’ trailer is here and even a statue of Superman looks fake

So here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

The first thing you might notice is that the statue of Superman is either CGI or shot in a very odd way.  It looks terrible.  Is this how low movies value props these days?  You couldn’t even make a human-sized statue?

As far as the actual content of the trailer… well we didn’t get any.  It’s just a bunch of gloomy voices talking about how much of a jerk Superman is over shots of our main heroes cloaked in shadow.  Yes, the standard batsuit looks pretty good but I didn’t see anything else that would generate excitement.  If you don’t have a really good action shot from the first third of your film with like four superheroes in it, then you’re either not ready to release a trailer or your film is terribly dreary without being sufficiently original to make up for it.

Here’s the way they should have done it if they really wanted to make their mark.  First: skip all the stage setting movies.  Pretend ‘Man of Steel’ doesn’t exist.  Don’t even try to make two or three ‘we’re all meeting each other and settling in’ movies; they will be a waste of time.  The first movie in their universe should have been a straight Justice League movie.  Most of us already understand the idea of a superhero team and many of its story angles.

Tactic number two: The cinematic Justice League should be mainly about characters we haven’t already seen in film three or four times.  Like it or not, if you want to make a memorable movie Superman and Batman shouldn’t even be in it.

It’s fine to want to be the darker universe compared to Marvel, but you still should shoot for something that feels tonally like Batman the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, or Batman: Under the Red Hood.  Personally I would have gone with Martian Manhunter as the object of hate for the xenophobes who oppose the Justice League.  Then I’d like to see them furnish the Hall of Justice with other cinematic neophytes like Zatanna (as an actual hand-to-hand fighter with gadgets and prestidigitation rather than actual magic), Vixen (again a scientific explanation like genetic engineering would be more fun than a magic totem), the Flash, Green Arrow (if he doesn’t have a boxing glove arrow we’d have to scrap the whole movie again), and a version of the Question a lot like Justice League Unlimited’s.

If they really want all this to work then they have to take risks and be cool rather than brooding.  It is not 1998, brooding isn’t cool anymore.


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