Steven Universe Recap: ‘Love Letters’

As usual, here there be spoilers!

This week we see the return of side character Jamie the mailman.  While he’s delivering Steven a backlog of sea monkeys he ordered he happens to spot Garnet emerging from the ocean in a way half-reminiscent of a super model and half-reminiscent of Godzilla.  He gets a bit flustered by her incidentally jaw-dropping entrance.

This presents an interesting parallel to what we saw with Greg and Rose a few weeks ago: an unsuccessful young artistic man quickly develops feelings for a statuesque alien woman.  The key difference here is that Greg’s affection wasn’t just based on Rose’s appearance; she was a Mr. Universe fan!  Jamie’s crush is based solely on Garnet’s appearance.  Impressive though she is, an image of a woman is nothing to change your life over.

The show doesn’t play any games and has Garnet immediately rejecting Jamie’s love letter.  Connie and Steven interfere to try and let him down easily, but it just leads to confusion.  Once again this show indicates it’s not interested in fan theories that mix and match gems and humans like greens for a salad.  Garnet is already in a happy relationship… the end.

An interesting idea this episode brings up is the idea of the artistic muse.  Jamie, who fancies himself an actor, dons Shakespearean garb and grabs a quill pen to write his love letter to Garnet.  She inspires him.  This episode suggests that artists should be careful not to confuse that inspiration for love.  Honestly, ‘the muse’ is a character type we don’t get to see on television that often: a man or a woman who inspires people to artistic greatness without actually needing to be anybody’s romantic interest.  I wish other shows explored that role more.

Anyway, Garnet eventually lets him down in a clear but not cruel way and he moves on without getting all creepy.  An interesting side detail is that we saw Garnet pull a giant water bear with a gem core out of the ocean during her efforts to find Malachite.  She ends up tossing the creature back without removing the gem, which suggests it might reappear later.

That’s it for this week! There are only a few more episodes left in this block and we’re bound to get another one of the show’s great two-parters (Just like a gem fusion!) soon.


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