Steven Universe Recap: Chille Tid

The last episode of the Universe flood has struck.  Spoilers…

The quick once-over:  After searching for Jasper and Lapis to the point of exhaustion, Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl have a ‘slumber party’ to try and recuperate before more searching.

This episode is largely functional, addressing the technical issues of gem sleep and the current mental state of Malachite.  As suspected, gem sleep is much like gem eating, it can be done but there’s often no reason for it beyond personal preference.

For me the highlight of this episode had to be Pearl’s first foray into snoozing.  Her first dream, hilariously, has the earmarks of early cinema: a painted backdrop and waves like cardboard being pulled by a conveyor belt.  The image of Greg replacing Rose, thanking Pearl for fixing his van, and regurgitating some kind of pizza tongue is amazing.  Not only is it funny, it’s informed by Pearl’s simplistic understanding of Greg and her horror at the process of eating.

Steven’s initial dream plays out like a 50’s sitcom before its hijacked by his mental connection to Lapis Lazuli, and it’s actually pretty dull.  Tell me what show hasn’t done this joke in somebody’s dream?  In fact, the Steven version seems like a slightly worse riff on this joke than usual.  The fake laugh track is a little too loud and frequent.  It was actually a relief to have a creepy vision of Lapis end it so quickly.

As far as Steven’s ability to connect to Lapis’ mind in his sleep… sure why not.  Gem super powers are pretty random.  As long as they don’t pull a new power out of thin air to resolve major plot elements, I can deal with it.

There’s not much else to say here really, since very little changes about their feelings or situations.  It’s kind of a weak episode to end this glorious glut on, but it’s better than anything with Ronaldo.  Much like Garnet at the end of this episode, the marathon just kind of suddenly face plants at the end.  Oh well.  Though it’ll be nice to get more of a break between recaps, I will miss having such frequent new adventures.  The show’s eleven minute length, though it never feels cramped, can be really trying.

I envy the people who can binge watch entire seasons on Netflix in a few years.


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