The Endless Cylinder – Ace Team is the Best

So this game technically isn’t from Ace Team; it’s a project of one of their members, but it still looks amazing.  It’s still in the early stages of development but I hope they keep working on it.  Here’s some prototype footage:

Every time these guys do something it’s unique.  That imposing cylinder of death turns the game into something like a 3D sidescroller where you can never go back.  The creature and world design looks like a hybrid of Oddworld and a Hieronymous Bosch painting.

I wanted a game with a 1950’s B-move art style and Ace Team announced Deadly Tower of Monsters.  I wanted something inspired by Bosch’s work (I was thinking a rogue-lite crowded survival horror inspired by his most famous triptych where you were never sure what would or wouldn’t eat you) and then they reveal this.  It’s like they’re reading my mind, candying the raw inspiration, and handing it back on a silver tray.  I have to say they’re right up there with Thatgamecompany and Lucas Pope in my list of current favorite developers.

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