Steven Universe Recap: Cry for Help

The third Steven bomb is dropping.  Obviously, there are spoilers ahead.

So here is the quick rundown: Steven and the gems track a distress call from Peridot to the communications tower that Sugilite had destroyed previously.  Remembering the fiasco that Sugilite caused last time, Garnet decides to fuse with Pearl instead and create the long-awaited (at least for me) Sardonyx.  Pearl is so happy about the fusion that she secretly keeps repairing the tower so they can do it again.  Steven and Amethyst find out and reveal the truth.

The first thing I’ll talk about is Sardonyx.  I have to say that aside from Garnet, she is my favorite fusion.  She’s the only one so far that has a clear persona built into her appearance.  Sure you can count the general 80’s music video vibe Rainbow Quartz has, but Sardonyx’s stage magician/game show host routine is much livelier.  She also seems very stable for a three gem fusion, at least compared to Sugilite with her gargantuan size, five eyes, and ripped clothing.  Also, the light of her transformation shredding out to the sides like stage curtains was an amazing touch.

So, Pearl.  She’s sad and lonely guys.  Her confidence is so lacking that she’s taken to tricking Garnet into fusion.  Obviously this enrages Garnet, since she’s practically the deity of consensual fusion.  I think Pearl has often entertained the idea that Garnet could serve as a partial replacement for Rose, and no I’m not just referring to leading the team.  Both Sardonyx and Rainbow Quartz exhibit a sort of passive aggressive cockiness that seems to stem from how Pearl sees herself in a relationship.  With Garnet, who already comes off as a bit cockier than Rose, that effect is magnified into an entity that literally thinks it’s the star of the show.

The real bummer here is that we’re not likely to see her again soon, thanks to Pearl’s lies.  Garnet even angrily forms Sugilite right after, which is the equivalent of sleeping with someone out of spite or for revenge.  We’re seeing Garnet’s patience with people who are trying to corrupt fusion get sorely tested.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that creates some discord between Ruby and Sapphire to the point where we have an episode where they separate.  It could certainly take less to make people question their own bond when they see so many others infected with lies or being outright toxic and hostile.

On the other end of things, Sugilite doesn’t get out of control.  Amethyst actually reflects on what happened before and comments about how she’s changed.  I think she’s actually growing more than Pearl is.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  I’m keeping it light since there will be five episodes to do this week.  Until next time!


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