Steven Universe Recap: Keystone Motel

The second piece of emotional shrapnel from the new Steven bomb has come flying towards us.  Explosive spoilers ahead!

I called it!  Just last recap I suggested Pearl’s abuse of Garnet’s trust might mean we would get a destabilized Ruby-Sapphire episode and here it is.  The quick summary: to get away from Pearl, Garnet joins Steven and Greg on a mini vacation to a motel.  There Ruby and Sapphire have an argument about how to react to Pearl’s betrayal.

I don’t remember how long they’ve been doing this, but it’s clear that the titles of this Steven bomb have alternate meanings.  Yesterday’s ‘Cry for Help’ referred both to Peridot’s signal and Pearl’s wish to communicate her anguish/grief/loneliness.  Today’s ‘Keystone Motel’ refers both to the keystone state (which is Pennsylvania by the way) and how the keystone (which is the center stone that holds the two parts of an arch together) of Garnet’s relationship has been unceremoniously yanked out.  How Ruby and Sapphire explore and value fusion is the one subject they’re supposed to be the most in sync on.

We’ve learned a little bit more about the gems that make up the team leader.  Sapphire generates an icy field, provides Garnet’s future vision, and only has one eyeball.  I guess that explains Garnet’s three eyes compared to the more typical four.

Ruby generates high temperatures and makes some of the silliest faces when she can barely contain her rage.  Her personality is best described as ‘literally two and three quarters seconds away from exploding’.

Their powers have been matched up with their emotional responses to the situation: Sapphire is icy, removed, and distant, while Ruby is destructive and seething.  It makes it clear that Garnet serves to balance them out rather than act as an expression of two balanced individuals.

Kudos to Greg too for checking for bedbugs.  I used to work hotel housekeeping and trust me when I say you don’t want to be anywhere near those things.

(As a tiny final note: I think when Steven says the car wash brushes ‘feel weird on your fur’ he’s referencing the one time he turned into a ball of cats and had to be sent through the wash.)

I received some bad news today, so sorry for keeping things extra short.  I’ll be back tomorrow for more Steven.


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