My New Novella: Justice Backers

Are you looking for some strange free fiction to read?  If you are I’ve got a proposal for you.  I have just completed a novella that serves as my take on the superhero craze.  I wanted to make it contemporary and infuse it with some creativity, so it’s about a team of crowdfunded superheroes!

The Justice Backers are a group of odd diverse individuals who come together under the banner of internet activism to fight evil and protect the innocent.  I’ll be uploading their adventure in three parts starting tomorrow, so I hope you’ll give it a shot.

It’s written as a digital epistolary novella, which means each section is a separate document rather than a story with a single narrator.  You’ll get to read blog posts, diary entries, E-mails, backer updates, and even excerpts from forums about the Justice Backers and the community that helps run them.

So stay tuned if this sounds interesting to you; it will be going up tomorrow.


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