Steven Universe Recap: Nightmare Hospital

And so we return to Steven Universe with an eleven minute horror movie.  As always, there are spoilers post-click.

Here’s the quick rundown:  Connie’s swordswomanship has advanced to the point where she’s being allowed to borrow Rose’s sword, but her mother finds it and confiscates it before running off to the hospital with the weapon in her bag.  Steven and Connie must sneak into the facility and steal it back.  They end up dealing with some rogue fusion experiments in the process.

The first thing I’d like to point out it is how they ignore the trope of creepy hospitals having to be abandoned.  The lighting is there and so is the sterile atmosphere, bust the staff is milling about.  That alone separates it from most hospital or asylum-centric horror. What’s interesting is that if you consider the strange disregard or denial of Beach City’s denizens for all things gemological, it’s still kind of like they’re alone.  With how much they choose to interact with the elements of the story, all those dumb adults might as well be houseplants.

The gem fusion experiments are creepy as ever and slide well into the paranormal monster slot.  I particularly enjoyed the way the one with the bulky arm seemed to realize how ineffective the limb was and started wheeling it around on a gurney.

The emotional payoff of this episode is weak and really straight forward compared to some of the better episodes.  It’s one of my few steady complaints about the show.  I understand they’re trying to develop everyone as characters, but when it comes down to it the main cast has already been established and I’m just more interested in following their story lines more directly.  Getting Connie’s mom to lighten up just feels like opening a gate so you can let all the colorful interesting sheep get out into the field and do their thing.  She’s a latch that we have to watch get forced open by the situation.

I don’t have too much to say this episode.  I believe next week is about Sadie, who is certainly more endearing.  Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to discuss.


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