Chungus Update #2

Who’s ready for more public park graffiti from a very trashy human being?  If the answer is yes but you haven’t been her before, you can check out parts one and two respectively.  Things get even stranger this week.

I don’t what Jesus picked up. I hope he knows where it has been.

Do not touch Mr…. Chungus? Was she interrupted?
Is her nickname Chessnut? At least we finally have confirmation she’s a nut!
Maybe not in 2016, but definitely in 2015.
The exclamation points suggest a hint of desperation.
Is LR Chessnut? You’ll see why it’s unclear…
How dare you suggest the noble Chungus is a joke!
Here she paraphrases some biblical mumbo jumbo she’d written out earlier on the trail.
She should belong to a mental health institution.


There are perhaps four women involved with this man!?!  I have removed the names that sounded real and added the new nicknames Spongy and Plum because they’re amusing.  I will reveal that one of the names seems to match the LR initials seen earlier.  The strange thing is… all of these messages from an undetermined number of women seem to be written with the same kind of felt pen.  I wish I could tell if there were distinct differences in handwriting, but I cannot.  The cast to this sweeping drama does seem to keep growing.  We can only hope it does not reveal itself to be a tragedy.

an’ Plum, an’ Spongy, an’ Chessnut.
Is that an attempt at a pentagram? I really have no clue.

There was another example I photographed, but as it was just Chungus’ name carved in the wood, I would have censored most of it anyway.  All my expectations have gone out the window.  Part of me hopes this is just the legal documents of a group of super intelligent but hopelessly inbred opossums that live in the park.  Sadly, the evidence still suggests she or they are the same species as yours truly.

This determined reporter will get back to you if, but probably when, that felt pen strikes again.

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