Get Your Own Custom Micro-Story

So with the advent of the new year I’ve decided to try a few new things to draw attention to this blog and the fiction featured on it.  I’m calling my first new strategy ‘micro-stories’, and you can have one completely free of charge.  Gee Whiz!

Here’s how it will work: Any reader can comment on this post with their suggestion and if I deem it adequate I will write a short one-to-two page self-contained story based upon their idea.  I will then, by the power invested in me by the internet, transfer all ownership rights to the newly-created story and its characters to the person who suggested it, with the caveat that I get to keep the story posted on this blog.

Now these are the specific rules: I specialize in science fiction and fantasy, so the story must fit into those genres.  Though a story can have romantic elements, I don’t write porn.  I will include appropriate levels of sexual content or violence based on the tone and themes of the story, but nothing too excessive.  I’m looking to write and gift original content, so no fan fiction suggestions.

Suggestions can take several forms.  You could suggest two disparate elements and tell me to combine them (like robots and dinosaurs), you could give me a character archetype and and a vague situation they’re involved with, or you could make up a crazy environment for a story to take place in.  You can even suggest dynamics between characters if you like.  I’ll do my best to write a complete and interesting story with the rough ideas.

As far as deciding which suggestions to use, well I’ll probably just start with what I get.  I doubt this kind of thing will inundate me with comments, so I shouldn’t be too busy.

If this sounds like a fun exercise you would like to participate in, just leave your story suggestion!  If I find myself with no suggestions… well then I’ll whistle nonchalantly and pretend that this post never happened before moving on to the next strategy.

8 thoughts on “Get Your Own Custom Micro-Story

  1. Dragons have been terrorising the village for months. A wizard arrives and tames the dragons with his enchanted bagpipes. The townsfolk rejoice, but then the wizard with his dragon-army demands payment: the Mayor’s daughter’s hand in marriage. The mayor refuses as a rumour has surfaced that the wizard was behind the dragon plague from the start. Or was he?

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    1. Thanks for your suggestion Grumpy Axolotl. I have posted your story! If you go and read it you will find that it now belongs to you! Feel free to tell your friends and follow the blog if you’d like.


      1. Hey fantastic work blainarcade, you’ve made a genuinely great story from the little “pied-piper-esque” prompt I gave you. I have posted a link to the story on my blog. Regards grumpyaxolotl.


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