Doodle Fusion: A Great Paper Game to Assault Boredom


Curious about what this badly-scanned picture depicts?  I’ll tell you!

I used to play this game all the time in high school and college when the lessons were particularly dull.  All you need is a notebook and a pen or a pencil.  I call it Doodle Fusion.

You start by drawing two tiny nonsensical doodle creatures in the upper left.  Then, through two or three transitional forms, you smash them together, analyze the mess, and then define a physical form out of said mess for a third doodle.  After that you make a new mini-doodle to fuse with previous fusion.

When you have completed one row you can celebrate by adding two doodles to the previous fusion at once.  When you’re on the final row, you fuse a whopping ten to twenty more doodles with that page’s newest fusion to get a mega-doodle.  Then you turn the page and fuse the mega doodle with a new small one to shrink it back down.  You can continue through as many pages as you’d like and keep track of how many doodles have gone into your newest one.  it’s one part screwing around, one part Pokemon, and one part self-expression.  I’ll leave you with the several pages I did that followed this first one.










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