The Public Domain Announcement

Hello internet, how have you been?  Well I hope.  Anyway, I have news.  I’ve finished a new fantasy novella that I will be uploading here over the next few days.  As with most of my work it will be free to read.

It’s called The Public Domain and it has a pretty interesting concept behind it.  Every character in this story is borrowed from a classic, sometimes obscure, work of fiction that is in the public domain.  They all live together in a slum for bit players whose names are mentioned in their novel ten times or less.

If that isn’t interesting enough, I even made it so these characters’ abilities are determined by the words surrounding their name in their original work!  If the word ‘sword’ is close enough to their name, then they can pull out a sword.  It forced me to construct interesting scenarios from the pieces left by older authors.

I hope you’ll try and give it a read!  Part one goes up tomorrow.



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