Genres and Subgenres

I just have a few random thoughts today about genres.  Ever since I started writing I always dreamed of single-handedly creating a genre, starting my own cabal of conventions that would eventually grow into a cherished art form.  I now realize that’s largely impossible.  Most of the landscape for that sort of thing is colonized.

There is, however, still room in these colonies to carve out little fiefdoms.  Subgenres.  The works of single individuals can still lead to subgenres.  I’m not really going to discuss my ideas for that here; I just wanted to talk about how great the ‘biodiversity’ of speculative fiction is.  We have access to steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, high fantasy, low fantasy, post-apocalyptic, military scifi, superhero, etc…

Me, I’ve always been a sucker for high concept action/adventure stuff.  I definitely have my least favorites too.  Urban fantasy seems rote most of the time, especially on television and in film where it mostly seems like an excuse to film on city streets to save money.  The worst in my opinion are young adult post-apocalyptic and paranormal romance.  That stuff almost always seems to be nothing but self-indulgence, sometimes to the degree of being emotional pornography.

Anyone out there always dreamed of making their own writing room as opposed to the furniture that goes in it?  Have a favorite or least favorite genre or subgenre?  Feel free to say so in the comments.

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