Rogue One Trailer Reaction

It’s a resounding meh.

I’m in the camp that sees the Force Awakens as one of the worst things a movie an be… boring.  It was a recycled plot line with recycled music, subpar alien and technology design, and irritating leaps in logic.  I’ll defend the prequels any day in some ways, like how every single action scene in the prequels is better than any action scene in TFA.  They did the impossible and made lightsabers dull!

While Rogue One at least has original content, it’s a prequel.  As it stands prequels are generally recognized as bad and unnecessary.  We already know the mission in Rogue One succeeds and some bothans die in the process.  Exciting.  

What was with the language the Empire was using in the trailer?  Aggravated assault?  Resisting arrest?  Is there a particular reason they use the same legal jargon that the modern day United States of America uses?  It’s okay to use similar language Disney, the viewers can probably manage to guess that any number of phrases are meant as the names of crimes.  They could’ve said resisting custody, custody resistance, public disobedience, failure to comply, or a thousand other things.  It goes to show you how much creativity is actually going into this thing.

I grew up with a Star Wars that wasn’t afraid to tell a thousand stories from a thousand points in time.  They could’ve made films about Mandalorians, the assembler, the Yuuzhan Vong, or so many other things.  Instead Disney pretends everything occurred in the same century and revolves around the same family.  They broke out the white-out in the sacred name of homogenization and they’ll pump out an inoffensive gray cube with a Star Wars sticker on it once a year for the discernible future.

Even if it gets positive reviews I’ll be skipping this one in theaters.  Disney has effectively lost me on Star Wars and comic movies.  I wonder what they’ll turn into preservative-filled apple sauce next.


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