The Purge Declares itself Trump’s America

Well this is kind of a pleasant surprise.  The trailer for the third Purge movie is here.  I found the first two to be mildly enjoyable and competent horror/action/slasher films with a very strong premise that actually invites the idea of many sequels.  (Any purge in any place could make a good story.)

If you’re not familiar, The Purge is a world in which the United States has legalized murder and other crime for one twenty-four hour period every year, the idea being that giving people a chance to ‘blow off steam’ creates a healthier society overall.  Yes, it’s silly, but these movies have a strain of commentary running through them that really seems to be coming to a head in the third installment.

They’ve upped the stakes this time by having an anti-purge politician poised to take the presidency forced to contend with both the masses and the old guard during the purge.  The slogan of the purgers?  Keep America great.  Sounds familiar huh?  Did I mention the new politician is a woman?

Already there are obvious parallels with what has been a volatile, comical, and terrifying election season.  The Purge, while a simple-minded horror film, did obviously grow out of the idea of an America that literally cannot rid itself of its violence problem.  In the years since the first film the idea of a nation legalizing murder because they’re unwilling to address its root causes has become significantly more believable.  We’ve had police murder civilians for trivial offenses, domestic terrorists insist they can camp out in public facilities and shoot at whoever they please, and the continued rise of a compressing group of reactive jackasses who think a gun, a device which shoots high-speed projectiles designed to kill, is a weapon of self-defense.

It really is an excellent jab at the people who would literally sacrifice everything else to avoid gun control.  These are the people who think violent physical attack on another person is a God-given right.  The Purge is the world where Trump was elected and he gave the worst of us what they wanted, an excuse to use every weapon they can get their hands on to fulfill their most basic emotional desires: assault, rape, murder, and general domination.  Trump is the id of some sort of hedonistic rage monkey simultaneously drinking its own urine and bottling it so its followers can enjoy the taste as well.  He’s the kind of ‘leader’ who says things like ‘let’s put up a giant wall so they can’t get in’, and ‘if you just murder people on the special day it’s not murder’.

Now, whether or not this is just a bit of marketing remains to be seen.  They could’ve easily added a few extra clips and done some selective editing to gin up some extra ticket sales.  Personally, I hope the movie is every bit as biting as the trailer.


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