The Caloric Kiss Announcement

Hello again internet.  As you may or may not know, I post a lot of original science fiction and fantasy work on this blog that is completely free to read.  I’ve just completed a new novel that I will be uploading in parts, starting tomorrow and continuing every day until it is all up.

The book is called The Caloric Kiss: A Pseudoscience Tryst.  Its premise is simple: what if all the antiquated ideas about science had turned out to be correct?  In the world of the book the Earth is flat, Lamarckian evolution proved truer than Darwinian, snake oil is a true panacea, and caloric is the very substance of heat.  Many of the earliest works of science fiction were called ‘scientific romances’, so I’ve decided to take a pseudoscience tryst.

If this sounds interesting to you I would encourage you to follow this blog and read as four adventurers go up against an epidemic of spontaneous human combustion, a town obsessed with watermelon, robot photographers, and many other strange things!

If you enjoy it you can look at the tabs atop this blog and search them for many other free stories!


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