Daily Writing Prompt #1: Love Potion

I would like to get some more regular writing-related content on my blog to supplement my sparse story uploads.

I thought posting daily writing prompts for others to check out would be a good way to accomplish that.  These are just going to be little lines of thought, usually in the vein of science fiction and fantasy (that’s where my enthusiasm lies), that could be used to inspire stories or scenes of any length.  These are the kinds of ideas I mull over during my own brainstorming sessions.

Prompt #1: Love Potion.  The challenge isn’t just to write a story or scene that involves the use of a love potion, but to innovate with the idea.  The love potion is an element of fiction that I think has recently lost a ton of favor.

Think about it; in an age where date rape drugs that create compliant states are very real things, the love potion doesn’t have the innocent image it used to.  The challenge here is to tweak a love potion or its role so that it doesn’t come off as something evil or consent-clouding.  If you can successfully use one in your tale without the giver or consumer of the potion being tricked, manipulated, mind-controlled, or sexually assaulted, you will have something great on your hands.

I hope someone can make the idea relevant again.  If you do use this prompt, feel free to comment, discuss, or tell others where they can find your story.  I’ll be back tomorrow with another idea.

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