Daily Writing Prompt #5: Nemesis Conversion

Here we go with day five of my writing prompt series, where I suggest a scenario (often with a bit of scifi or fantasy flavor) and anyone who sees it is free to brainstorm around it and write a scene or story.

Prompt #5: Nemesis Conversion  Everyone has one or more person in their life that they just can’t stand.  I don’t mean a politician or celebrity, I mean the person you’re forced to spend time with because of various obligations who just rubs you the wrong way.  Maybe you’d call them a rival, or a pest, or even your nemesis.

The challenge here is to take your personal nemesis and twist them, or repaint them, or light them at a different angle, until they turn into a likable character.  You have to write a scene or story with the best possible version of this person.  Force yourself to recognize their few positive traits and use them as building blocks.

My only bit of advice is an obvious one; don’t use their real name!  This is your chance to expand your character-building ability.  Nobody’s saying you have to suddenly like the real version.  Good luck and, as always, feel free to comment or discuss the prompt or offer direction to a story it inspired.

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