Daily Writing Prompt #6: Pluto Syndrome

Here we go with day six of my writing prompt series, where I suggest a scenario (often with a bit of scifi or fantasy flavor) and anyone who sees it is free to brainstorm around it and write a scene or story.

Prompt #6: Pluto Syndrome  Pluto’s downgrading from a planet to a dwarf planet was an odd moment for a lot of people.  Obviously scientists have their reasons for doing things, but to the average person it felt like a strangely personal blow, as if they had reached out into the void and squeezed our dear Pluto until it literally shrank.

I think it was because of Pluto’s inclusion as part of one of our major ‘easy’ educational metrics.  It was one of the colors of the rainbow, one of the three types of rock, one of the orders of the animals…

The challenge here is to create a scifi scene or story where an individual or society is directly affected by their planet of residence being bureaucratically downgraded from planet to planetoid.  What negative economic, cultural, and civil unrest issues will arise as a result of this?  Will they do anything about it?

Good luck and, as always, feel free to comment or discuss the prompt or offer direction to a story it inspired.

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