Daily Writing Prompt #7: Micronation Royalty

Here we go with day seven of my writing prompt series, where I suggest a scenario (often with a bit of scifi or fantasy flavor) and anyone who sees it is free to brainstorm around it and write a scene or story.

Prompt #7: Micronation Royalty  You would be forgiven if you didn’t exactly know what the term micronation implies.  I would direct you to the Wikipedia article on Sealand.  If you peruse that you’ll find that a micronation is any plot of land, or sometimes just a building, where its residents have decided they are a sovereign nation.

Reading the history of Sealand, it’s difficult to decide if you should laugh or shake your head.  How serious are these people taking this?  Is this nation, their home, really that big a part of their identity?  Some of these places have their own flags, constitutions, currency… you name it.

The challenge here is to construct your own micronation and fill it with characters dealing with an issue unique to their teeny weeny township.  For the most part there is bound to be an element of humor, but you could go straight comedy or have characters that take the politics of their country very seriously.  I think there’s a lot of chance of falling in love with the characters you make for this one; it kind of begs for the creation of an endearing fool.

Good luck and, as always, feel free to comment or discuss the prompt or offer direction to a story it inspired.


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