Daily Writing Prompt #8: Hatchling

Here we go with day eight of my writing prompt series, where I suggest a scenario (often with a bit of scifi or fantasy flavor) and anyone who sees it is free to brainstorm around it and write a scene or story.  (I know this has been a far cry from actual daily posting, but I’m sticking with the catchy name.)

Prompt #8: Hatchling  This one is a little more abstract as there is little way to connect it to humanity.  The challenge is to write a scene or story from the point of view of a creature (be it animal, mythological, engineered, or alien) as it is born.  More specifically, it should involve the process of the creature forcing its way out of an egg, pod, or other object and finding itself completely alone and confused.

To do this well you must try to regress and forget everything you know about life beyond the instincts of its basic processes.  Even the ideas of up and down should confuse the creature because it has probably been floating in some sort of fluid up until now.  The fun here is deconstructing perception and then imagining a way to build it back up from scratch.  You also have the opportunity to place the creature in a strange plot-twist scenario or an entirely new world of your own design that the reader can discover alongside the creature.

Good luck and, as always, feel free to comment or discuss the prompt or offer direction to a story it inspired.

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