Micro-story#2: Swapocalypse

He was used to roaring bonfires and dripping spits of meat, but for now a trashcan fire would have to do.  He was used to castle halls or at least inns that smelled of warm cider and hay, but for now a classroom full of overturned desks in the junior high school would have to do. Continue reading

How ‘Literature’ Helps Destroy Reading

I read this post recently, talking about how the improper teaching of literature has contributed to the death of its study.  The main argument seemed to be that it is important to emphasize literature as a way of developing empathy (putting yourself in a character’s shoes) over emphasizing it as a snapshot of its historical period.  To help make the point they brought up the example of someone reading Huckleberry Finn and deciding the entire point of the book was ‘slavery is wrong’.

While the idea they presented (that there are two main schools of presenting literature) is fine on its face, I speak from experience when I say it is probably not what kills people’s interest in literature.  Let us turn to one of the several definitions of ‘literary’ on dictionary.com for a solid description of what I consider to be the biggest problem here: “characterized by an excessive or affected display of learning; stilted; pedantic.” Continue reading

Micro-story #1: The Pipes Produce

The mayor, one Herman Lefawn, of Wheatlow, a small town that farmed golden grains for the governing bodies of the Grand Chivalrous Alliance, had endured much in recent weeks.  He’d endured his gardeners accidentally opening a hole to a cavern older than sin directly beneath his impressive homestead (all he’d wanted was a simple spot for his chestnut trees), he’d endured the hideous arcane creatures that had slithered out from it, and he was now enduring the worst music he’d ever heard.  It will all be over soon, he thought.  Better screeching pipes than dragon roars.  Smile and nod.  Can I even manage both at once through this din?   Continue reading

Justice Backers: The Lichen Calls Announcement

I have just completed the third and final novella in the Justice Backers series.  The Justice Backers is a project of mine about a team of superheroes who are entirely crowdfunded.  If this sounds at all interesting to you, I encourage you to check out the first two novellas in the series; they are available on this blog, free of charge, under the novellas tab at the top of the screen. Continue reading