The Purge Declares itself Trump’s America

Well this is kind of a pleasant surprise.  The trailer for the third Purge movie is here.  I found the first two to be mildly enjoyable and competent horror/action/slasher films with a very strong premise that actually invites the idea of many sequels.  (Any purge in any place could make a good story.) Continue reading


Jungle Book and the Digital Divide

I saw the new Jungle Book.  It is a solid film, but one issue really sticks with me.

Several flaws are obvious: the musical numbers are forced-in and tonally jarring, its remake premise sucks out much of the excitement, and the animals would simply look ten times better if their voices were essentially telepathy instead of having mouths meant for crushing throats or unhinging their jaws flap all over the place.   Continue reading

Rogue One Trailer Reaction

It’s a resounding meh.

I’m in the camp that sees the Force Awakens as one of the worst things a movie an be… boring.  It was a recycled plot line with recycled music, subpar alien and technology design, and irritating leaps in logic.  I’ll defend the prequels any day in some ways, like how every single action scene in the prequels is better than any action scene in TFA.  They did the impossible and made lightsabers dull! Continue reading

Moderation in Cinema

I read this post today, on a blog I usually visit for scientific information, and found a sentiment that personally bothers me an awful lot.  The author expressed the opinion that the only ‘good’ movies are realistic ones that allow you to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.  They even committed blasphemy by saying they didn’t understand the appeal of last year’s greatest film: Mad Max: Fury Road.  Let’s go ahead and shred that opinion. Continue reading

Genres and Subgenres

I just have a few random thoughts today about genres.  Ever since I started writing I always dreamed of single-handedly creating a genre, starting my own cabal of conventions that would eventually grow into a cherished art form.  I now realize that’s largely impossible.  Most of the landscape for that sort of thing is colonized. Continue reading

Digital Homicide is a Non-Creative Entity

For those of you not familiar with the video game faux-velopers called Digital Homicide, here’s a quick explanation.  Gaming critic and personality Jim Sterling partly makes a living by finding, displaying, and ridiculing the worst games and game-like programs sold on Steam.  He’s probably the name that comes up most often when discussing ‘asset-flipping’, which is when someone fancies themselves a game developer but does little more than buy pre-made artistic assets and resell them with minor (or nonexistent) changes under a different name. Continue reading

The Public Domain Announcement

Hello internet, how have you been?  Well I hope.  Anyway, I have news.  I’ve finished a new fantasy novella that I will be uploading here over the next few days.  As with most of my work it will be free to read.

It’s called The Public Domain and it has a pretty interesting concept behind it.  Every character in this story is borrowed from a classic, sometimes obscure, work of fiction that is in the public domain.  They all live together in a slum for bit players whose names are mentioned in their novel ten times or less. Continue reading