Twitch Stream Story: I’ve got Days for you, Maxwell

Prompt: A reporter’s friend suffers a major injury. It seems like foul play was involved, but the victim can’t remember anything that happened that day. The reporter investigates.

It was the third attack that week, but Detective Carter didn’t yet know they were trying to complete the set. They wanted all seven of this week and all seven of next and all seven… Continue reading


Twitch Stream Story: Teach a Man to Fish

Prompt: A young filmmaker survives a plane crash and is discovered by a tribe of Amazon warriors who have avoided contact with men until now.

There are so many myths when it comes to the Amazon. White people think of it as a magical place, the same way they think anything without a dollar sign attached (or too many dollar signs) is magical. No matter how much it shrinks they’ll always think of it as an untamed expanse of poisonous frogs and mosquito swarms and little fish that can sense the presence of your most delicate orifices. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Fly into the Future

Prompt: Nobody dared go near the tower, as a fearsome dragon lay at the top. One day a knight rode up. “Do you need help to get down?” “Please.”

His horse could only go so far before the magic took effect. The animal had no idea what was happening, just that its legs were giving out. It collapsed onto its side with a panicked whinny, tossing its rider into the dirt. They should’ve been safely in the shade, but nothing was right in the area around the tower. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Mysteries in the Wastebin

Prompt: A detective finds a hidden underground technological race pulling all the strings

It was proving to be a very rough year for detective work, something especially discouraging because of the three rough years that preceded it. Mauritius Cook dealt with the lack of business by picking up a few hobbies. There was no money to facilitate the picking up process, so he chose free things like bird watching and sketching the ocean from the beach. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: The Lizargrim

Prompt: There’s a huge lizard-like creature in front of me with scales shining like black diamonds, its glimmering eyes staring fixedly. It seems to say something solemnly, but unfortunately I can’t hear anything.

I’ve always valued pets more than people. We’re living in an age where I don’t even have to explain that anymore. Everybody just knows how awful everybody else is. A violent person is a maniac, a rapist, a murderer, a thief, a gangster, a politician even… A violent animal is just a scared or hungry one. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: The Milk Cow Sidequest

Prompt: A man discovers all his memories and desires are not his own, merely the amalgamation of a video game’s code. He must now decided what to do with himself.

And what should be my reward, were I to take up this task?” the knight asked. He wore red and gold, and was thus under the command of Lord Sprice. He was supposed to help the villagers regardless of reward, but they had their own sets of arcane rules. Rumors swirled of shadowy texts kept not in bookcases, but in the shadows of such cases. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Colors under the House

Prompt: An old deaf Italian man spends all his time painting; they are his interpretations of sound.

There was no getting my father to leave. Visitors thought his paintings were his life. He refused to sell any of them or give them as gifts. He just let the house eat them, the same way it ate him alive. I mean the first part quite literally. The house had a terrible pest problem, and not just one species. It was like a diplomatic summit of everything you didn’t want to be diplomatic with. Continue reading