Collapse of Colduvai: Part One

Author’s Note: To describe this book in detail would spoil it, so it should do to say that it is a science fiction tragedy partly inspired by the film Metropolis, powered by concern for a modern issue, and set in Africa. Also, it is free to read. Please enjoy.


The greatest mistake life ever made was convincing itself that only parts of the Earth were home. It grew bodies that could only swim, crawl, or fly. Already the error was made, the Earth split into the three kingdoms of land, sea, and air. Life had missed Earth as medium, as separate only from the empty cold of space. Continue reading


Captain Rob Sinks: Finale

Balanced Aych


The Aych Fauce and Sea Fauce would’ve been considered deities themselves if Porce didn’t already have such stiff competition amongst its religions.  For all recorded time they had poured, their flow never weakening.  Third Sink would’ve long overflowed if the Snyre drain wasn’t open. Continue reading

Captain Rob Sinks: Part Seven

Tales of the Living Sixteen: Ciamuse

The first thing she had to get used to was privacy stalls.  Her tragedy had taken her behind First Stone Door and atop First Toil, to the expanse beyond First Seat and under First Tank.  She was in the shadow of Lunginvess and the toil’s lever.  The folk in the town there valued their privacy above all else and looked to the stall around them in their architecture. Continue reading

Captain Rob Sinks: Part Five

Graves of the First


Dinner in Infinicilia occurred at the same time each night, just before Fwa Nippr descended and cloaked herself in a thick black robe to dim the light.  The other eight members of the living sixteen arrived right on time to help prepare the meal.  Rob was introduced to them all, but they didn’t add much to his evaluations.  Argnaught was extraordinary.  Vyra was aggressive and unpredictable.  Clix fancied himself in charge.  Fwa was the florent.  Ciamuse was a beloved nutter. Continue reading