Regular Romp #5: Wickediel Makes an Entrance

Regular Romp is an interactive fiction activity over on our Twitch stream where I ask a regular a series of questions before turning their answers and a corruption of their username into a short story.  Stop by if you’d like to participate.



The scene opens on rolling hills on a windy day. (Stage hands off to the side have large cloth fans and are working quite hard on their simulation) Elizabeth Mary stands at the top with an arm full of dresses in various colors. One by one she throws them to the wind and they are blown off stage. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Measure of a Monster

An Incremented Dragon’s Tale Inspired by the Art of SamJFraser

There was no need to count the number of paces. Their path was already trodden, ten thousand times over. Every footprint was visible, as they went deep into the dirt. Mother and daughter moved through easily enough, even in the seventh day of their journey, because their booted feet fit perfectly into the prints of old. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Scattered Pointillism

Prompt: A prequel story for Blurry the sketched fat cat (a character from our Minesweeper Fiction activities).

The cathedral was empty, except for Mildred, her canvas, and her paints. She wanted it to be a conversation of sorts, but the painting wasn’t talking. She sat in the darkness for over an hour staring at it, hoping to unravel some of its secrets. The work was a classic; she had to train at the nearby school for five years just to gain access to it. Continue reading