Justice Backers: Secret Shuffle (Part Three)

Salt Shaker’s Skin-Crawling Fan Fiction Corner

The move to the Bay has derailed much of our lives.  Do.  Not.  Worry.  All of the fan fiction is intact.  Deckard and his goons might be able to stop us, maim us, kill us… but he cannot stop the power of socially awkward people intent on writing themselves into history as war heroes and legendary lovers. Continue reading

Justice Backers: Secret Shuffle (Part One)

Backer Update #51 (Game Over)

“With the inherent callousness of governments that try to care for more than seven billion people it is inevitable that some oil will need to slide between the pieces of the machine to keep us humane.  The Justice Backers are that oil.” – Ember Joseph, The Daily Pills

Do you like that beautiful quote backers?  That’s us they’re talking about.  In The Daily Pills!  The most read site among people who have a specific chair for reading.  This is actually the first positive quote we’ve gotten from anyone on their staff since we started.  That Donovan guy called us ‘vigilantes safeguarding only fetishized anonymity’.  Their head politics reporter Miriam said I was ‘a jumping-off point for campaign questions and nothing more’.  With how much the world talks about us it’s almost like I am something more.  It’s almost like the name Alpha Dog means something to people who happen to not be me. Continue reading

Justice Backers: Secret Shuffle Announcement

I have just completed a new novella!  It is the second in a series of three novellas all about the Justice Backers: a team of crowdfunded superheroes who beg the internet for money after every epic villain showdown.

If this sounds at all interesting to you, I encourage you to read it here on the blog.  I will put it up, free of charge, in four parts starting tomorrow.  If you decide to give it a shot, I would strongly recommend reading the first one, which is also available free on this site.  This is part one.

I tried to write something very contemporary and internet-y, so I’d love to get feedback from readers.  If you’re bored and in need of some kooky scifi, please check it out.