Feisty Faustus Ferret in “Machine Works”

Inky animated stars make the world smile with their films and theme parks, and none are better known than Feisty Faustus Ferret.  Everything is perfect for our plucky little weasel with the train whistle voice, until someone insists he needs a costar, and the ground under his hallowed studios and parks starts to rumble…

(reading time: 1 hour, 39 minutes)

feisty credits

feisty fancy

It is notoriously difficult to hear, the voice of creation.  The mind naturally listens for it at all the wrong times.  It expects to hear god singing when a flower blooms, or when a child is born, or when lovers embrace.  The mind looks out when it must look in.  The voice of creation comes from within man.  It is when her or his creations are born that it can be heard. Continue reading