Unjustly Ignored: The Sexy Brutale


This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of posts about video games that did not get a fair shake in the marketplace.  The Sexy Brutale is the ideal first candidate given its rich atmosphere, immersive music, distinct art style, compelling gameplay, and inexplicable failure to puncture the gaming public’s imagination. Continue reading

Jungle Book and the Digital Divide

I saw the new Jungle Book.  It is a solid film, but one issue really sticks with me.

Several flaws are obvious: the musical numbers are forced-in and tonally jarring, its remake premise sucks out much of the excitement, and the animals would simply look ten times better if their voices were essentially telepathy instead of having mouths meant for crushing throats or unhinging their jaws flap all over the place.   Continue reading

How ‘Literature’ Helps Destroy Reading

I read this post recently, talking about how the improper teaching of literature has contributed to the death of its study.  The main argument seemed to be that it is important to emphasize literature as a way of developing empathy (putting yourself in a character’s shoes) over emphasizing it as a snapshot of its historical period.  To help make the point they brought up the example of someone reading Huckleberry Finn and deciding the entire point of the book was ‘slavery is wrong’.

While the idea they presented (that there are two main schools of presenting literature) is fine on its face, I speak from experience when I say it is probably not what kills people’s interest in literature.  Let us turn to one of the several definitions of ‘literary’ on dictionary.com for a solid description of what I consider to be the biggest problem here: “characterized by an excessive or affected display of learning; stilted; pedantic.” Continue reading