Twitch Stream Story: A Boiled Dream in a Pillowcase

Prompt (song lyrics): He was strange and she was not in love, cause he threw the water after boiling the eggs, she felt weak and wanted to leave, he who lived on the land and had legs, he felt her pain and was sad too, he who lived on the land and had legs

He was strange and she was not in love. She could’ve been. She was prepared to be. All the stories in her youth had prepared her for the love she would find on land. All those stories came to her in big billowing bubbles, each detail adding to its bubble’s individual shape. She could recognize them at a distance, tell if the tale involved serpents or treasure simply by the way it wobbled. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: The Grave in her Dreams

Prompt: In a world where every mind inhabits two bodies, one during the day and other during the night, we follow a young girl as she tries to deal with the death of her other self.

She couldn’t see; it was too dark. That was never supposed to happen. Things only ever got dim, only ever got orange or purple as the sun set. The sun always went down but she never saw the moment it vanished. That was the moment of transition. That was the time when she put away her day eyes and broke out her night ones, like peoples of old switching spectacles. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: None are Garbage

Prompt: A janitor of dreams works his shift across the dreamscape each morning after sleepers have awakened.

There had been a party there, just four hours ago. The sun was up, back in the world, and it was time for Vecker’s shift. He shuffled out onto the deck of the boat and analyzed the scene. Really, it wasn’t too terrible for a party of that size. Out in the world there was a recession. That had dampened everyone’s excitement some, and it bled into Vecker’s work space like it bled into everything else. Continue reading