Justice Backers: The Lichen Calls (Finale)

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Monkey Girl Diary #494

(transcribed from video log)

Hello backers.  I have much to say about.  Yesterday was the day I did something about the depression.  I asked for help.

The Bay was very quiet; it was like this since the tar sands.  We train and eat in silence.  Alpha Dog mumbled about the Lichen and Pawn and Transplant and Drill Baby.  I have seen people do the dying before, but not like Baby.  I knew that Pawn have some darkness inside him, but I did not think he would ever let it go.  Maybe a little escaped every time his body broke.  I cannot say if the same thing would happen to me.  I just want them to be alright.  I want all of this to go away, but the world is calling for their blood. Continue reading

Justice Backers: The Lichen Calls (Part Three)

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JordanJaded’s Top Ten Weirdest Justice Backer Moments


With all this Drill Baby and Lichen drama going on, everybody’s been asking their favorite blogger (and when they don’t answer they ask me) what they think the Justice Backers should do in this situation.  I’ve always been pro-backer myself, but more as a sideshow and fuel for my writing than legitimate sociological experiment.  Everyone’s having a field day posting their listicles and things, but I haven’t seen this one go up yet so I’m going to try and squeeze it in there.  I didn’t bother to do a poll or anything since most of you are here for my opinion anyway.  This is just a list of what I think are some of the top conversation pieces that have come up because of the backers in the last few years.  I owe this coverage to them; without their shenanigans I never would’ve had anything to write about when I started this site three years ago.  Now I get like two million unique visitors a day!  These aren’t in any particular order except for number one, so let’s start the ride!  Starting with… Continue reading

Justice Backers: The Lichen Calls (Part One)

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Sportfish Independent Backer Update #14

(transcribed from video log)

Hello again friends and supporters.  Thanks to the mention I received in yesterday’s The Daily Pills, my donations are up sixty percent.  That means many of you watching this are new to the Sportfish program; I’m going to give a quick history lesson to catch you up.  If you’re a veteran at this point you can just click here and skip ahead to my big news.

If you’re wondering if my operation has any relation to the eastern and western superhero teams called the Justice Backers, the answer is yes.  The creator of that program, Alpha Dog, is my uncle.  About a year ago I flunked out of college.  I will not work retail.  I will not wait tables.  I will not make beds.  I will not sit at a desk and help people who don’t matter make appointments that don’t matter.  I am an adult human being in the twenty-first century and I refuse to let my life get flattened and paper-clipped that way. Continue reading

Justice Backers: Secret Shuffle (Part Two)

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Electric Eel Diary #29

(transcribed from video log)

Diary number twenty-nine without accidentally slipping on my own slime and killing myself during a mission.  Good work everybody.  Add another tally to the board.  Eventually I will at least slip; it’s inevitable.  I just hope that when I do I slide into a bad guy and knock him over so I can claim it was intentional. Continue reading

Justice Backers: Finale

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Golden Boy Diary #38

(transcribed from video log)

Hey guys.  Okay, so… I’m sure you’ve heard that some nasty stuff went down a little while ago and I just want to do my best to explain how I got caught up in it.  The first thing I want to say is that I’m very unhappy with the way it turned out and I’m doing everything I can to get it sorted out. Continue reading

Justice Backers: Part One


It’s the mid 2010’s, justice systems grow ever more rigid as crime takes to the internet.  With a little help from a crowdfunding website, a newly forged team of superheroes is looking to fill in the gaps, and provide their backers with some cool merch along the way!

Get all the updates straight from each hero as they take on vicious trolls, a trading card blackmail ring, and an ancient fungal entity with its own world wide web in this trilogy of novellas that also work together as a book.

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Justice Backers


Blaine Arcade


($ $ $ $ * * * * * *) – ($4,344,823 dropped in $10,000,000 goal) – (26 days remain)

REMINDER – If ‘Justice Backers’ does not reach its $10,000,000 goal by October 6th of this year, the project will be cancelled.  Coinhat accepts all major credit cards as well as payments through Fundyfriend.  Refunds are available up to 24 hours after pledge in most circumstances.  Refunds may be offered for cancelled, delayed, or altered projects on a case-by-case basis. Continue reading