Captain Rob Series Update

My four volume high fantasy/low humor book series has just received another round of light edits, so I’m posting about it again in case anyone might be interested in giving them a read.  The Captain Rob series takes place in a richly nauseating fantasy world set entirely in… a gigantic public restroom.

It follows a crew of sink pirates on their many adventures from the harvesting of brown paper towel wood all the way to the holy grounds of the Glory Hole, and every gross squishy place in between.  There are monsters, gods, heists, groanworthy jokes galore, and plenty of swashbuckling swordplay.  Here are the links to the first chapters, and remember that all of my works are complete, and completely free to read.

Captain Rob Fights

Captain Rob Sinks

Captain Rob Robs

Captain Rob Deals

Porce Compendium


This text is a handy field guide to the water closet world of Porce.  Porce is an entire world that used to be a human public bathroom.  Its peoples and creatures are tiny, but it has a lengthy history and rich culture all its own.  This small additional text is meant to further one’s understanding of Porce’s peoples, animals, landmarks, important objects, culture, plants, food, and history.  It contains many minor story details for my Captain Rob novel series, so be wary that you might run into things that slightly spoil their stories for you.

This will be updated over time, so please ignore any blank entries. Continue reading