Twitch Stream Story: The Props Department

Donut fired his weapon. Well, it wasn’t his weapon. None of this belonged to him, though it certainly felt like it did in the moment. It felt like it was his revolver, his badass vest and cowboy hat, and his actual wiry mustache. It took significant focus to remind himself that he couldn’t even grow a mustache reliably. It was more like trying to grow chia seeds in a sink drain.

Still, he felt masculine. The bullet, garlic-infused, left the gun and struck Strusse in the chest. He was a vampire at the moment, so he was forced to recoil in agony. Steam, rather pleasant-smelling steam, shot from his wound as he tripped over one of the giant noodles and sank into the spaghetti that Donut was also entangled in. Continue reading

Jungle Book and the Digital Divide

I saw the new Jungle Book.  It is a solid film, but one issue really sticks with me.

Several flaws are obvious: the musical numbers are forced-in and tonally jarring, its remake premise sucks out much of the excitement, and the animals would simply look ten times better if their voices were essentially telepathy instead of having mouths meant for crushing throats or unhinging their jaws flap all over the place.   Continue reading