Twitch Stream Story: Balancing Actor

Prompt: a comical tale of a superhero dad who struggles to balance real life with his wife and daughter and his heroics.

Pretty soon I would be going to my daughter’s games. I don’t care what kind of games they are: soccer, baseball, mountain biking, chess… as long as she gives me something to go to. My wife insists she’ll be a gymnast because she’s now quite good at tumbling without bruising her forehead. Continue reading

Twitch Stream Story: Heaven Hound and Heist Heel

Prompt: this image

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There was a struggle for power in every level of Valor City just ten years ago. It was a complete collapse, with everyone, in every societal increment, upset over their standing. Politicians thought their jobs too dangerous. Those of the blue collar thought the politicians didn’t even do anything. Those of the white collar ran it all but were still dissatisfied. Continue reading