Chat-your-own-Adventure #22: The Pin in Surtr’s Throne

Author’s Note: This story was written live on stream with the audience bidding tokens (earned while watching) to determine the path of the story.  The underlined phrases in the choice of three were the winning pathways. (This story used a different format of eliminated choices.)  Stop by if you’d ever like to participate in our interactive fiction.

Alfheim – Elves                Svartalfheim – Dwarves                Jotunheim – Giants

Vanaheim – Gods                         Niflheim – Ice                      Muspelheim – Lava

The deep purple of the rent sky went on forever. In that forever, six realms could be seen, each hanging as fruit from the world tree Yggdrasil. There had been nine before, nine for incalculable time, but they were burnt to ash now, and the others soon to follow. It was Ragnarok, the death of the tree, and the movement of all the beings in all the remaining worlds was just the death rattle of life itself. Continue reading