Mysterious Americana Catalog: ‘Loopy’

M-A-C (8): ‘Loopy’

Category: varmint

Collection Date: (REDACTED), 2007

Collection Location: (REDACTED), New Mexico

Collection Report: This item is the rare exception among MACs, as in appearance and behavior it is nothing more than an ordinary animal. The (REDACTED) family were on an RV trip in 1992 to see the world’s largest pile of (REDACTED) when they stopped to have a picnic.

A coyote pup appeared from out of the desert, malnourished and friendly. They fed the animal and, after an inspection from Mrs. (REDACTED), who happened to be a veterinarian, they decided to keep the animal.

It exhibited unusually compassionate behavior, noted by all family members to rival family dogs seen on television and in film. It was named Loopy for its oddly tame behavior, but its MAC aspect did not become apparent until a few months later.

Loopy matured ‘out of’ his species and eventually became identical to a chocolate Labrador. Incrementally, his ears drooped, his coat darkened, and his physique became more robust and, borrowing a term from one of the children’s donated journals, ‘wiggle-butted’.

Loopy passed away in 2005 of natural causes, several hours before he was due to be euthanized, perhaps to spare his family the pain of doing it themselves. Complete records of his life, and unexplained metamorphosis, including Mrs. (REDACTED)’s extensive methodical photo album, home movies, and his ‘belongings’ were donated to the Catalog by the family, who heard about it through a family friend.

Current Collector: Gabrielle (REDACTED), junior rank

Notes from Collector:So cuuuuuuute! Cute all the way, from wild child to floppy crusty corner-piece brownie boy.”

Current Status: inactive (deceased)

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