Mysterious Americana Catalog: ‘All-Popper’

M-A-C (7): ‘All-Popper’

Category: whatsit

Collection Date: (REDACTED), 1978

Collection Location: (REDACTED), California

Collection Report: The item was discovered after an unknown amount of active time thanks to an employee of (REDACTED) cinemas. While preparing a batch of popcorn, the artificial butter caused their wedding ring to slip from their finger and strike the active heating implement at the bottom of the hopper.

In their testimony they reported the ring instantly ‘popping’ as if it were any other kernel and becoming lost amongst its fellows.

Emotionally traumatized and confused, the employee attempted to quarantine the machine and tested its effect on several other small items. Chocolate candies, dust bunnies, and stray screws all instantly popped and were said to taste identically to true popcorn.

In less than an hour, the theater’s only machine being out of commission caused a minor scene when the concession line became backed up and devolved into shouting and throwing.

In that crowd was someone associate with MAC scouts. She took it upon herself to claim she could repair the machine in order to access it and confirm her suspicions. Once she popped a (REDACTED) from her pocket she also took it upon herself (without approval) to start a small blaze in the employee area to cause a distraction while she rolled the popcorn machine out of the building.

Once in a collection there were found to be a few restrictions to its anomalous effect. Irregular objects with long extrusions, like pretzel rods, did not respond. Live insects did not respond, and presumably larger animals would not either. Liquid droplets were also unaffected, as were pre-popped kernels of popcorn, likely saving everyone in the theater at the time of its activation from a devastating chain reaction.

Current Collector: Emmy (REDACTED), junior rank

Notes from Collector: Crazy to think this came out of the same theater as M-A-C (4). Obviously they can’t tell me exactly how many, but I heard at least five of them were pulled out of there in the span of six months. What happened? Did they show some kind of MAC movie that effected everything around it? I know, I know. Just curious is all.”

Current Status: active

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