Minesweeper Fiction: Character Auction

This post exists as a guide to the first roster of twenty characters to make it through our interactive fiction activities over on twitch.tv/blainearcade.  The characters were auctioned off to people who will act as the character’s ‘saint’, influencing the character’s future.  Each character was also placed in a squad by their saint, detailing their role in our first big on-stream story and determining the level of risk they face.

Squad One – Squad one characters are protagonists. They are central to the plot and action, but face the greatest risks of loss, suffering, and death.  Members: Red Huntress, Sertin, Techtet, Trish, and Bitbeard.

Squad Two – Squad two characters are secondary characters. They have at least one scene of relevance. They face a moderate amount of risk.  Members: Pudda, Byron’s Beard, Vince, Blurry, and Codagula.

Squad Three – Squad three characters play minor roles and are more active behind the scenes of the story’s main narrative thrust. They face little risk.  Members: Cassandra, Bonzai, Byron, Mr. 32, and Duid.

Squad Four – Squad four characters will receive very little spotlight and may only be mentioned in passing. They face no risk at all.  Members: Maddy, Macawl, Petra, Wollid, and The Dying Light.



Pudda is a large beast of burden gifted with human speech. She is simple but earnest. For some time she has helped refugees make it the last bit of the way to the new world.


Squad: 2                     Saint: MelodyKazey

Red Huntress

A silver-haired red-cloaked woman skilled with a bow. She has seen much death in her life, and it’s beginning to get to her.


Squad: 1                          Saint: EricaDrayton


A cheerleader who has proven surprisingly adaptable out of her element. She is confident in her abilities and extremely attractive by conventional standards.

Squad: 3                              Saint: Maddyn13


Sertin appears as a woman wrapped in green and yellow cloth, but she is actually the living embodiment of Cassandra the cheerleader’s hope for the future.

Squad: 1                            Saint: SecksiGeeki


Bonzai is a living whimsical thought that takes the form of a hovering blobfish with a small tree growing out of his head. He has great magical power, but little self-awareness.

Squad: 3                           Saint: WickedScript


A stocky experienced woman who was very good at her job tending to a national park. She has a long history of bad romances and break-ups.

Squad: 4                                   Saint: Maddyn13


A lanky laid-back man who made his living off his one exceptional feature: an absurdly long beard. Thanks to the minefield he is now clean-shaven and struggling with his identity.

Squad: 3                              Saint: WickedScript

Byron’s Beard

A magical familiar created from Byron’s beard. It is roughly dog-sized and behaves like a canine as well.

Squad: 2                               Saint: SecksiGeeki



A highstrung ballerina from a technologically-advanced age. Her shoes can be used to control machinery via dance, though they have a mind of their own.

Squad: 1                         Saint: MelodyKazey


A delicate middle-aged woman who dresses flamboyantly. Part of the mind of her dearly departed pet parrot lives within hers, giving her a few bird-like behaviors.

Squad: 4                          Saint: MelodyKazey


Vince is a stoic man, out of touch with the modern world, who made his living wrestling alligators. He isn’t sentimental, and is largely unaffected by the death he sees or the friends he loses.

Squad: 2                                    Saint: SquishySnail


A mass murderer involved in an incident of road rage/mob violence, Trish has recently escaped an icy prison. She is extremely strong and foul-mouthed, but seems agreeable enough.

Squad: 1                                          Saint: Maddyn13

Mr. 32

He is a robotic rectangular freezer on wheels, meant to keep criminals in cryogenic sleep during their sentences. He is now empty.

Squad: 3                                  Saint: MelodyKazey


A sketch of a very fat cat brought to life. He can exist in any artistic medium as well as the physical world, and currently enjoys acting as a tattoo for Trish.

Squad: 2                                        Saint: SecksiGeeki


A cryptocurrency pirate with access to many outdated but amazing technologies. He calms his fears by carrying a malware flintlock and sailing waters and data on one of his many USB vessels.

Squad: 1                                   Saint: SquishySnail


A woman who stays invisible most of the time, though she can make any part of her body individually visible when she wishes. She is currently engaged in flirtation with Bitbeard.

Squad: 4                                Saint: dark_lord3


An artificial intelligence inhabiting a vaporized body of blood. It is his job to gather blood for the dark god that coded him: Murdurlur.

Squad: 2                                  Saint: WickedScript


A genetically engineered man-sized squid Olympian. He is very competitive by nature, and even though his opinion on humans is softening, he still distrusts them.

Squad: 3                               Saint: ScreamingEcho


A large vibrant komodo dragon that wears knitted clothing resembling very woolly socks. He is intelligent, but does not speak.

Squad: 4                                    Saint: SquishySnail

The Dying Light

An entity of light, wisdom, knowledge, and invention. It has inspired many civilizations across time, even acting as the Olympic flame. Without the world it was born in, its fate is uncertain.

Squad: 4                                        Saint: dark_lord3


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