Blaine’s Novella/Novelette Series Blurbs

Here are my series of novellas and novelettes, worlds I like so much that I can’t stop returning to them.  I never quite know when a new entry will pop up, or where, or how long it will be, but if it’s canon with something else and shorter than a book it goes here!

The Justice Backers Series

Justice Backers, Justice Backers: Secret Shuffle, Justice Backers: The Lichen Calls, and Justice Backers: Sellout Fortress

It’s the mid 2010’s, justice systems grow ever more rigid as crime takes to the internet.  With a little help from a crowdfunding website, a newly forged team of superheroes is looking to fill in the gaps, and provide their backers with some cool merch along the way!

Get all the updates straight from each hero as they take on vicious trolls, a trading card blackmail ring, and an ancient fungal entity with its own world wide web in this series of novellas/novelettes.

The Snakewaist Series

Snakewaist, Snakewaist: the Demon of Gougecoin, and Snakewaist: Wild Rideshare

Fairies exist, and they’re surprisingly tech-savvy, with their own magical internet, smartphones, and even giant transforming mech suits that can combine into powerful warriors… about the size of a short man.

Chaxium is just your average sour loner fairy, enjoying workouts and long conversations with her none-the-wiser human best friend online, but when a disgusting tycoon with an anti-environment agenda runs for office, she has no choice but to team up and use her family heirloom, the transforming snake machine Snakewaist, to put a stop to his plans.

Eventually joined by her best friend Ladyspiller, they must also take on a cryptocurrency demon and the Wild Hunt when it invades a fleet of self-driving cars in this series of urban fantasy novellas.

The Challenging Handful Series

The Challenging Handful, The Left Challenging Handful, and Challenging Applause

The small have their own country, and it fits in a barn!  Minimil is a refuge for the Lilliputians, Shakespearian fairies, and enchanted toys of the world, but their existence is threatened in the early years of the twentieth century when one of their own makes a dark proposal indeed:

To redefine warfare as a turn-based chess-like game, built on the blueprint of H.G. Wells’s Little Wars and using the very lives of the small as the pieces, spilling thimbles of blood instead of buckets.  Minimil won’t stand for it, so they assemble a team to interfere in the first demonstration, starting with the gingerbread man Forward Commander Snaps.

The specter of Little Wars spirals out of control into two more adventures, something like a miniature coup and a whole war at the foot of the barn door, in the other parts of this novella trilogy that can be taken separately or together as a novel.

The Heirs of Cain Series

Venus in Transit

Severin Molochi is aboard a train… but to where?  And come to think of it, what year is it?  He has lost his place and time in the world.  Could it be the work of the bewitching predatory woman who enters his private car, wrapped in furs, with designs and desire in her eyes?  Heirs of Cain, a gothic horror fantasy erotic thriller novelette series, begins here.

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