Blaine’s Short Story Blurbs

Well, they aren’t quite blurbs, given that these stories are, you know, short, but now that we’ve got descriptions for our books and novellas available, it’s time to move onto these.

If you don’t know me, I’m Blaine Arcade, a speculative fiction writing hobbyist, and I write lots of out-there science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, and some horror.  All of my stories are available here and free to read, so please check them out if you’re interested.  Happy reading!

Jesus has the Wheels

Jesus has come to town in his big black SUV.  He says it’s time for the rapture.  The only problem is that this is white Jesus, and he isn’t so friendly.

School Supplies

A young man heads back to college armed to the teeth, to protect himself of course, but he suspects his professor might not respect the laws of the land…

Rather Spartan

In this thriller/horror short story the Snake War Museum is just one of many, an opportunity for Claire to confront history.  It’s just her, the collection, and the audio guide… at least until she hears her own name in the headphones…

Moana’s Mosaic

Voting in Moana’s time is a much more complex affair, every citizen building a template for their ideal leader.  When time comes they’ll be averaged together, and a new president engineered.  It’s her first time, and she wants to get it right…

Cracker Warmer

This story is closely based on a nightmare I had, written up the following night and only modified enough to make some amount of sense.

And these stories below are some of my older more amateurish work that definitely needs a once, twice, or thrice over, so proceed at your own caution.

Singin’ in the Upper Paleolithic

Bumbling scientists accidentally send the mind of a singing and dancing sensation back in time, into the body of a caveman!  They have to journey back as well to stop the infectious tapping rhythm from altering the overall metronome of mankind…

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