Mysterious Americana Catalog: ‘Fishy Boot’

M-A-C (2): ‘fishy boot’

Category: doohickey

Collection Date: November 27th, 2000

Collection Location: (REDACTED), Mississippi

Collection Report: Initial instances of the MAC are likely not recorded. MAC is a left gray snakeskin laced boot with bluish trim that has a habit of being fished out of bodies of water by anglers.

When thrown back the boot seems capable of transporting to completely separate and disconnected bodies of water, but remains in the state of Mississippi. One angler reported catching the boot three times in a row even after moving significantly upstream.

Another angler named (REDACTED) kept the boot, despite being spooked by its ‘flopping’ upon capture, implying it may be becoming more fish-like with each catch, thus earning it its doohickey status versus whatsit.

(REDACTED) turned the boot over to our collector, where it remains.

Current Collector: ‘Saint Elmer’, senior rank

Notes From Collector: I tossed the thing into my pond out back after it knocked some things off a shelf. Could still be in there, or could’ve moved if it actually does that. I’m not trying to catch it to find out.

Nobody’s said nothing about catching it again, so I says it’s still in there. You’re welcome.”

Current Status: (presumed) active

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