Mysterious Americana Catalog: ‘Seat D6’

M-A-C (4): ‘Seat D6’

Category: whatsit

Collection Date: (REDACTED), 1978

Collection location: (REDACTED), California

Collection Report: The initial incident occurred during a midnight showing of (REDACTED), when a young woman saw a different film than the one she purchased a ticket for.

This film starred one Harthrup Templeton, a person who does not exist in any publicly available records. Her confusion did not interrupt the showing, as the false movie she witnessed had an identical runtime to the one seen by those around her. It also had matching emotional beats, causing her to laugh at the same time as the other patrons; the same goes for gasping in awe.

In the conversations following the showing she described her experience, to disbelief from her friends. Intrepid and curious, this young woman tested the effect several times by buying tickets for that specific screen and sitting in and around the same seat.

She found that, while seated in seat D6 specifically, the movie always starred Harthrup Templeton and always matched key qualities in the actual film so as to blend in with its experience.

Her research was overhead by a staff member, who happened to have been college roommates with one of our collectors. The seat was swiftly removed and replaced with an identical one; the girl was not briefed. A note was made of her disappointment and frustration when she could no longer watch Mr. Templeton. He was apparently ‘quite good… and handsome too.’

Current Collector: Brody (REDACTED), junior rank

Notes From Collector: You know the whole thing reminds me of that Harthrup movie ‘Blinked and Missed It’ where… ahh, never mind. You had to have seen it.”

Current Status: active

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